Reasons to Setup a Company Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

Even Indian BPO’s have realized the potential of the outsourcing industry in the Philippines. They are setting up their own outsourcing companies in the Philippines or buying existing ones. You do not have to be large multinational to reap the benefits of Philippines outsourcing.

Top Reasons to open your Philippines Outsourcing Company

  1. Highly skilled low-cost labor
  2. English language skills
  3. Most Westernized culture in Asia
  4. Industry standards
  5. Government tax incentive laws
  6. Ease of doing business

Skilled Workforce

Highly skilled workforce is available for business process outsourcing. The supply of college graduates is growing faster than the job market. English is the main language of business and education. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world, it was governed by the United States from 1899 to 1946. There are many call center training academies offering training. Salaries are lower than in India and the retention rate is higher. You will not find more willing and loyal employees anywhere else.


Getting things done in the Philippines may seem frustrating at times but all government agencies do their best when it comes to assisting foreign companies who will be generating employment. Dayanan Philippines Business Consultants will take you by the hand and make sure that all the necessary paperwork is processed quickly and efficiently.

The two recommended business entities are a 100% foreign owned corporation or a foreign branch office.

Philippines Business Process Outsourcing has it all.

Philippines Business Process Outsourcing

Philippines BPO

Business processing outsourcing standards: The Philippines has all the necessary structures in place for your company setup. Multiple internet and VOIP providers, and major international software, IT and hardware vendors all have Philippines offices.

Many Human Resource, staffing and training companies are on hand for your manpower requirements. Whether you are setting up a call center, software IT development or web and graphics design company everything that you need can be found locally.

Tax Incentives

The Philippines government has put in place measures to entice foreign investment particularly for Business Process Outsourcing. Companies who register with PEZA or the BOI may avail of tax incentives which include Value Added Tax exemptions and income tax holidays.

Setup your business process outsourcing in the Philippines now. Contact Dayanan Philippines BPO consultants now for a free consultation.