3 Non–Call Center Jobs You Can Outsource to the Philippines

Call Center JobsWhen we speak of outsourcing to the Philippines, the first thing that usually comes to mind is “call center,” and for good reason. The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, and the Filipinos’ clean accent makes the country a great place for finding people to do sales calls, directory assistance, phone-based tech support, etc…

But if you limit your Philippine outsourcing options to just call centers, you’ll be missing out. There are a lot more that the Philippines has to offer.

Skype-Based English Training

A Google search for “learn English” returns nearly 700 million results. Compare that with “learn to drive” (500 million) and “learn French” (300 million), and you can see that there is lively business going on at the English-teaching industry.

Now where do aspiring English speakers go to get their English training? The classic places are the US, the UK, and Australia. But these days, more and more are looking to the Philippines instead.

Aside from the cost advantage, there is the accent advantage as well. “Filipinos speak with a clear American accent – partly because the Philippines was a US colony for five decades,” says the BBC.

GoFLUENT Inc. is one company that has achieved success by keeping its marketing department in France but offshoring its English-training department to the Philippines. This allows them to provide affordable and top-quality English training to their clients in Europe and Asia while also giving Filipinos income that is almost double what they would usually get from a call center job.

Social Media Marketing

According to TigerMine Research, “96% of Filipino netizens use social media, which accounts for a whopping 42% of total screen time in the country, more than any other country in Southeast Asia (italics ours).” And according to the social media consultancy firm WeAreSocial.com, the Philippines is home to 38 million Internet users.

That equates to over 36 million social media users in the Philippines, of which nearly 1.5 million belong to the 25- to 44-year-old age group. [Source: Socialbakers.com]

That’s a large pool of trainable (and Facebook-savvy) manpower that you can recruit for your Philippine-based social media marketing company.

Virtual Assistance

In Udemy.com, Philippine outsourcing advocate John Jonas explains why Filipinos are such excellent VA candidates:

Filipinos are honest, loyal. They’re very hard-working. They’re intelligent. They think like we do, and they’ll read between the lines and try to solve problems in your business for you.

They’re capable of learning everything about your business and doing it for you. … They’re not entrepreneurial, so they don’t want to steal your business from you. So you’re not really outsourcing to them in a traditional sense where you have to be careful about what you tell them.

As you can see, there is more to Philippine outsourcing than call centers. If you’re thinking of putting up a BPO company in the Philippines, you’re on the right track, and we at Dayanan Consulting can help you move forward. We have a wealth of experience in helping investors set up BPO companies in the Philippines. You too can benefit from this experience. Give us a call today.