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The other reason online gaming companies come to the Philippines apart from being able to obtain an online casino, sports betting license is to setup shared services for their worldwide operations.

These shared services usually include customer support, search engine optimization, accounting, administrative services, marketing, market research and information technology.

There are a variety of 100% foreign legal entities which can be registered, each one having its own unique advantages. The choices are Domestic Corporation, Branch Office, Regional Headquarters (RHQ) and Regional Operating Headquarters ROHQ). Corporations and branch offices may apply for tax incentives with either the Board of Investments or the Philippines Economic Zone Authority.

Online gaming companies can find in the Philippines the foreign and local multi-lingual talents they need to cater to all international markets. These employees are the major incentive for companies to register a company in the Philippines. High work quality and low wages will sway any company not yet convinced of the advantages of opening an offshore office in the Philippines.

An important employee function of online sports betting companies is client engagement. Retaining clients and getting them to play more often is a skill that employees in the Philippines can learn quickly and in which they will excel.

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