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Philippines Medical Business Process Outsourcing

To seize new opportunities in the global healthcare industry the Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing Association of the Philippines (HIMOAP) has adopted new charters to promote outsourcing services from the Philippines.

Worldwide healthcare expenditures as well as the number of beneficiaries keeps rising. In response, most countries are adopting health management information procedures to organize the incredible amount of information that is being generated. The transition from traditional data collection to electronic health data creates new opportunities for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies and the Philippines is the perfect place for Medical Transcription.

English Speaking Medical Professionals

Medical providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment suppliers, healthcare IT service providers, insurance companies and third-party players are all reaping the benefits of this huge industry. With its human resources and expertise the Philippines is the best information outsourcing destination. Each year, thousands of nurses, doctors and medical professionals graduate from the top Filipino universities. This English speaking and skilled workforce is highly trainable to accommodate the needs of medical administrations and other medical IT jobs all over the world.

Medical Transcription Business Process Outsourcing
Medical BPO

The pool of talent available in the Philippines answers to a need from countries where the cost of labour is too high to adapt the healthcare industry to modern times. Switching to electronic health-recording is a necessity for contemporary economies but before enjoying the cost savings it promises investments are necessary. Now the Philippines has all the IT specialists, engineers, nurses and medical professionals necessary to make the transition fast, effective and economical.

As for patient care, medical records require accuracy and critical-thinking. An extensive medical knowledge and understanding of healthcare regulations is necessary to accurately handle the information from types of diseases to medical billing. Medical Transcription (MT) is the conversion of all medical information (health records, consultations and procedure notes…) into an electronic format for patient history that is easy to manage. This information combined with the skills of highly trained Filipino professionals ensures the availability of pertinent research to quickly and thoroughly analyze medical efficiency of drugs, services and healthcare providers.

Philippines Medical Transcription

In the United States MT represents a huge market and the biggest demand worldwide.  Philippines medical transcription providers adhere strictly to the Health and Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPPA was passed in 1996 to promote the development of a healthcare information system enabling the ease of storing and sharing electronic patient records as well as privacy and security of information. Similarly, other markets with an ageing population which require a solid medical system can benefit from off-shoring to the Philippines.

Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing in the Philippines includes:

• Medical Coding (medical, certified, inpatient, outpatient)
• Medical records management
• Health information management (HIM)
• Clinical data associate
• Data quality coordination
• Medical Transcription
• Data analysis
• Insurance claim management
• Medical Data Entry
• Medical Billing

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