Philippines Software Outsourcing

With over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology industry (IT), the Philippines has become a go-to destination for IT software outsourcing. Referred to as Information Technology Outsourcing(ITO), it encompasses traditional IT services including application development and maintenance, software development, software and hardware maintenance, network implementation and management. The Philippines share of IT business process outsourcing is growing by leaps and bounds.

Philippines Software Outsourcing ITO BPO


Also called Software Development Outsourcing, clients from all around the world take advantage of all that the Filipino ITO industry has to offer. Nowadays,the question Western companies ask themselves is not whether to outsource or not, but rather where to outsource their IT needs. More companies from the United States, Japan and Europe are increasingly turning to the Philippines to answer to their IT needs where they find efficient and reliable IT suppliers.

The Philippines has distinguished itself from other competing countries thanks to:

  1. A collaborative network of established SMEs
  2. A highly adaptive and customer oriented workforce
  3. A strong Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure
  4. Cost advantage and quick turnaround, for high-value and end-to-end systems
  5. A cultural affinity for the United States, with Western values and work ethics
  6. The ease of working with English proficient programmers

The IT industry in the Philippines has formed a coalition: the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA). Established in 1988, the PSIA caters to the international demand for Software and Information Technology Outsourcing and sets the industry standards in the Philippines. Originally created by ten Filipino companies, today the PSIA counts over 130 members from large multinational enterprises to local SMEs. These companies are the IT leaders of the Philippines, accounting for 90% of the industry’s revenue.

Furthermore, hand in hand with the PSIA the Filipino Government is also making efforts to promote and facilitate Software Outsourcing in the country through a number of initiatives and business incentives. From preserving a stable business environment to consolidating the IT industry with funding and new regulations, everything is set up to ensure the best service and create new opportunities for international companies big and small.

Not only is the cost of labour one of the most competitive in Asia, the quality of the work output is at the top of the industry competing directly with Indian programmers. Always on the leading edge, the Filipino IT industry is ready to cater to new technologies as well. From mobile applications to Cloud Computing, Filipino developers and programmers have the skills to cater to the growing demand for these new technologies.

Software and Information Technology outsourcing in the Philippines include:

  • IT Operations Management
  • Application Testing
  • Application Maintenance & Production Support
  • Application Development
  • ERP Implementation
  • Product Quality Assurance
  • Software as a Service
  • Embedded Systems, Firmware Development

IT Firms in the Philippines Offer Business Consulting Services Including:

  • Financial applications (Banking & Insurance)
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Embedded technology
  • Mobile applications
  • Transportation and Telecommunications
  • Logistics

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