Survey Results: What Skills Are Actually Being Outsourced to the Philippines

If you are looking to open a BPO company in the Philippines, you may be interested to know what other BPO companies are doing. What skills do companies outsource to the Philippines? What services do Philippine BPO companies offer?

Voice: The Biggest Sector

In 2010, the Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry chose to focus on the BPO industry.

The results of their study, published in 2012, show that among the skills offered by BPO companies in the Philippines, call center voice services make up the largest sector. These services include

  • inbound sales,
  • outbound sales,
  • product information,
  • complaints resolution,
  • technical support, and
  • market research.

BPO companies that primarily provide voice services constitute a full 45% of the entire BPO industry in the country.

But that’s just in terms of number of companies. How about in terms of people employed?

A full three-quarter of all people working in the Philippine BPO industry are employed by voice service BPO companies, making this indisputably the largest BPO sector in the Philippines.

Computer Programming

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Companies that provide computer programming (software development) services make up 33% of the industry. Their activities include

  • writing and modifying software;
  • designing software structure and content;
  • software testing;
  • writing computer code for software systems, applications, databases, and Web pages; and
  • customizing software for a client’s specific IT system.

Non-Programming Computer Services

Data processing companies make up 8% of the industry. The services they offer include data entry, customer data processing, and document scanning.

Ranked fourth is medical transcription, at 6%.

Non-programming computer services, software publishing, and application hosting services each make up 2% of the industry.

Non-programming IT services include hardware consultancies, computer maintenance and repair, software installation, and computer disaster recovery.

Software publishing, on the other hand, is concerned with the publication of operation systems, business apps, computer games, and other non-customized software.

According to the survey, among all those employed by the BPO industry, those in software publishing companies receive the highest salaries of ₱763,000 per year. Computer programming employees rank second at ₱543,000 annually.

The Media Sector

Media production and post-production are at 1% each.

Media production includes theatrical productions, motion pictures, TV programs, and commercials.
Some post-production activities outsourced to the Philippines are

  • film editing,
  • dubbing,
  • subtitling,
  • credits,
  • computer graphic animation,
  • special effects,
  • film reproduction for distribution, and
  • buying/selling of distribution rights.

Employees of media post-production companies receive the third highest annual salaries among this mass of BPO employees. According to the survey, media post-production employees receive an average of ₱500,000 per year.

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